03 janvier 2022


This day is very sad because it is the great departure but before that we went in a beach , the sea is very wondeful . Then we have ate in the best restaurant oPlage de sable blanc paradisiaque : Plages : Mer : Puka Shell Beach : Boracay : Visayas : Philippines : Routard.comf this city.And finally we have taken the for Paris. We have passed a 

incredible journey. Thank you to inhabitants for the reception 







Les frères Roux, les deux Frenchies de la haute gastronomie londonienne |

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The day five

The day five , we  went in a beautiful river then we have done canoe it was really good and in the afternoon we have visited a museum in Wellington . his names is Te papa tongarewa 

Base de canoë kayak - Moussac-sur-Vienne (86 - Vienne)L'intérieur du musée Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington, Nouvelle-Zélande Photo Stock - Alamy

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The day three

Today we have not moved from the hotel, we preferred to rest from yesterday.  That’s why today’s not very interesting to tell you.

But we still had a specialty from here, it was Maori hangi, it was delicious.

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The day four

today we got up early to go to the active volcano.  We stayed there all day. 

It was really impressive, It is the best volcano I have ever visites. 
Then we got back to the hotel very late. 

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11 décembre 2021

The first day in the New Zealand

Hello, our names are Noa and Richard. We are good arrived in New Zealand, in the Wellington's airport. We are gone in the hotel Mercure.  Grand Mercure And Grand Mercure Wellington Hotel (Wellington) from £63 |


Once time we are installed. But because we are tired we are sleeped.





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07 décembre 2021

The day two


We have passed a good night and we have take the breakfast.The morning we went  in a wellington's bridge for doing bungee jumping.

After we have eat a fish and chips in the restaurant in the city and the afternoon we did cricket.

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